I need a 1450 word essay explaining how to unlearn my own personal bias or prejudice against a race, person, etc.

The purpose of this assignment is to unlearn your own personal bias. This is a great way to spread social justice: one person at a time. By lifting bias in ourselves, we become role models for our families, our community, our city, and the global community. It is a ripple effect. Please start here.

Written Component: The Rubric and paper example below give specific criteria that must be included in your writing assignment. You must write in a professional tone without quotes. If you are using sources, you will use APA, both in-text and reference list. As always, paraphrasing is a must.

Specifically, you may include the following in your paper:

-The bias/stereotype you selected and why you selected it
-What you did to “unlearn” this bias/stereotype,
-Highlights/summary of what you learned from your experience.

No quotes are allowed.

( I am Hispanic, From Caracas Venezuela and the paper can be unlearning my biased on Black people, another culture or even  Hispanic people. I am 22 Years old and a full-time emigrant hard  worker) 

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