However, as we start adding electrons the system

BeH2 is linear. However, as we start adding electrons the system starts to bend. By the time we get to water, the H-O-H angle is 104.5°.a) Assume the water molecule is in the yz-plane. Show by pictures the interaction of the 1s orbitals on H with the Px and Py orbitals on O.b) What happens to the relative energies of these Px and Py orbitals that were degenerate for linear BeH2?c) In BeH2 the 1s orbitals on H interacted with the 2s and 2Pz orbitals on Be. As the H-X-H angle starts to bend will these interactions increase, decrease, or not change? Justify your answer.d) The labeling of the MOs changes for the bent triatomic molecules. We will show why when we do group theory. However there are 6 MOs for water just like there are for BeH2. For this question keep the same labeling as for BeH2. Now draw the appropriate energy level MO diagram and put in the electrons for H2O.

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