How Will Earning a Degree Change My Life

College- Is it worth it? In society today a college education isn’t an option, but rather a necessity. When thinking about college people usually think more about what they have to do to get through it when they should be thinking about what they want out of it and what they will gain from it. People often say that college isn’t worth the time and money, but getting a degree and brining the skills you gained to the real world will be very beneficial to you.
Some people go to college for the title for being a college student for others it’s a way to leave home and become independent without completely losing the financial help of their parents. Most go because they have to, not because they want to. High school students are constantly being pressured not only by family members but also by guidance counselors to go to college because it’s the “right thing to do. ” We all have an idea of what we want in life, but we end up doing the opposite and doing what our “mentors” think is best for us, resulting in being miserable. The investment of time, money and energy is it really worth it?
For some fields, a college degree is absolutely necessary. That doesn’t mean you will get a job right after graduation. Even if you do get a job, it is not usually what you have your degree in. College is a gamble most students will be in debt after graduating working any job just to pay those off. Some college graduates even end up back at home living with their parents due to the debt they are in. The competition for decent jobs is increasing. You can’t get a high paying job without at least a bachelor’s degree. Before jobs hired workers with only High school Diplomas but, now they require some college education.

Every day the decision is being made to either construct a career or dropout. There are people out there who have never set foot in a college and are doing better than people with master’s degrees. But, those are the exceptions which are one out of a million even millions. So before you make this decision ask yourself; where do I see myself 5 or 10 years from today? Do I need higher education to where I want to be? The skills you gain while in college are skills you will need in the “real world. ” Bills have to be paid, deadlines have to be met and you have to learn to manage time efficiently.
It’s completely different from High school because not only are you dealing with school you’re also juggling your personal life and your financial state as well. College has its pros and cons like everything else in life. Your experience will be what you make. If you aren’t willing to put in your all into it, college isn’t for you. You may not get lucky and start your career right after graduating but with persistence and hard work in the long run a degree will help you get to where you want to go in life. Don’t think of as a waste of time and money think of it as exciting challenge that will help set up your future.

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How Will Earning a Degree Change My Life
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