How Important Literacy Is

Literacy is the ability to read and write according to a dictionary, also the ability to speak. Learning to read, speak, write is the first thing in everyone education. A person is more efficient in completing a daily task, such as cooking, doing your homework, writing an essay for English classes, etc. Many job field, you need to know how to read and write, such as if you decided to be a journalist, you need to have the ability to read and write.
Those who write and read well are expert in them get a good job, writing and reading is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort, based on a research of around 700 million people in the world can’t read or write. It is not easy to read and write especially to write. Writing is the result of reading. Words are everything like telling the truth. Writing is just one of them, it is like a communication, like writing an email, social media, a text. It is true that almost 56% of people on this planet can read and write, however writing is not that easy. Not only writing gives a headache. Writing is the result of reading, reading is the first thing to know before writing.
Writing is more important in today’s society. Writing is like speaking in your mind if you don’t like speaking . A world without writing would be a terrible place. All you can do is speak. Writing is not also the most important, so is reading, reading. Reading is one of the most popular skills everyone need to learn because it will be difficult mastering a lesson, such as science, math, it helps in school, work, doing homework.

Reading helps understand life, like preparing for the real world, have you ever asked in your mind what is the world right now, like when was the earth formed, how did the American got their independence from Great Britain, thinking about your future, if you will have a good job or not. If you don’t know how to read, no jobs will accept you in their company. Reading is like clearing your mind, going to imagination land. Finally, reading develops a imagination and creativity, reading gives us a chance to forget everything, and be focus one thing. Reading helps us understand the world and be prepared for it.

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