How Buddhism in world history in religion that changed a civilization(Of a particular country). The time frame is from 2500 BCE to 1500 CE.

This is what I need: 
  Need a detail paper on how Buddhism history has affected a particular country. 
Need a lot of details.  And please be creative. 
This paper MUST be at least 1200 words in length. (5-6 pages)
Each paper is colleges typed. 
Double space, 
Font of 12 in either Times Roman or Ariel. 
Each paper requires a COVER page of the following: 
Class (HIS 111) 
Author, your name
Each paper requires page numbering. No preference as to location.
References required of
2 Primary
4 Secondary
Citations in MLA, Chicago Manual of Style
Maps, images, and other supportive charts, graphs or pictures while are a benefit to your overall paper, are a not placements of required fully typed pages 
QUOTES are always helpful, less is wiser than more
All quotes MUST be cited
References such as Wikipedia, Crystallites, Blogs, COM. and any course text are NOT ACCEPTABLE 

See Rubric for additional breakdowns 
-selecting ONE specific event in world history in religion that changed a civilization. The time frame is from 2500 BCE to 1500 CE. Your option for research is: 
The focus of your research is in discussing how one religion had a powerful impact on a society which effected their culture. This may include trade, political control, global movement, the arts, language or lifestyle customs. 
Then define the religion by fact. Do not assume that all definitions are the same, nor does this mean to look up the meaning from the dictionary or a google source; rather define what the values, beliefs and philosophy make up this practicing religion. This will require investigation and research. Your research should include varied positions depending on the origin of the religion along with its customs and development. Make sure you present all sides fairly. In other words, avoid your own bias.
Explain in the body of your paper, the challenges as well as the long-lasting attractions of this religion. It may be a matter that some changes impacted newer generations to adapt and reform within the religious practices and beliefs. Part of the body needs to include some of the following: political issues, global movement, trade, the arts language or lifestyles changes. Regardless, you need to discover the impact religion had on civilization(s) during this time frame. 
Finally, provide an analytical conclusion. This is more than restating the thesis statement. Consider what attracted bodies of people to follow this faith, and those that departed and perhaps followed another religious pathway. What has worked well in one society, may not be suitable in another. Why? Be specific and make sure this a valid position and not a slanted opinion.
Also, you need to analyze the paper. What would have happened if this religion didn’t exist? 


A thesis statement of your research paper
Lists of references source:
4 secondaries
2 primaries
Outline of your research paper
Three parts 
Introduction; explains the theme
Body; Provides examples and details that supports theme (Hint 3 requires)
Include different perspectives
Conclusion; analytical outcomes

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