History Reflection

 History Reflection 

Deadline: October 11 by 5 pm central time. 

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History Reflection
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 Compose a brief reflection essay to the prompt below. Use your best college-level writing. Your response should be typed, double-spaced, using 12-point font and 1-inch margins. The ideal length is approximately 3-5 pages of content—not including the prompt and header. This reflection is worth 50 points. 

 Students must post the reflection to safe assign, the discussion board, and to the reflection link. An automatic 10 point deduction will be added if work is not submitted in these areas. 

Reflection Essay 


In this essay, describe:

  how this History class has changed and improved your ability to learn and think compared to when you started at Richland College?

  what personal actions did you take to remain responsible in this course? What specific tools, resources, techniques, or course threads did you access and use to help you remain successful in this course? 

 your understanding about social movements and the impact they had on American history. Provide specific examples. (Example: Abolition, Temperance, Suffrage, the American Revolution, Women’s Rights movement, movements against taxation, etc.) 

 lessons you learned from the historical content covered in this course that pertain to your own life and role as a daily participant in today’s ongoing history of the U.S. How has this knowledge of social movements impacted your understanding of the importance of becoming involved in order to make life better for you and those around you? 

 your understanding about at least one event or individual covered in this course. Discuss the impact or change that this event or individual had on your knowledge or understanding after this course. (Example statement: Before this course, I believe that _____________. Now, I believe that___________________. .) 

 what unexpected things did you learn?  


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