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Unifying separate countries offers varied unique  opportunities for  growth but also gives way to complex challenges. For this  module, write  a one page paper explaining why the unification of Germany into  one  country (combining East and West Germany) proved to be more of a burden  to  the German people than expected. Base comments on what you’ve  learned so far in  your lecture notes and other sources you find   helpful. Cite sources in proper APA format.  
· Explain why the unification of Germany into   one country (combining East and West Germany) proved to be more of a burden   to the German people than expected.
· Grammar and mechanics   are proficient, including mastery of   subject-verb agreement, proper verb   tense and form, appropriate punctuation and capitalization, and apostrophe use.
· Sentences are consistently   grammatical. Major   sentence-level errors including fragments, run-ons,   and comma   splices are avoided.
· Format meets APA guidelines and   Bluebook rules as appropriate,   including use   of title pages. There is no playful experimentation with fancy fonts.
· Writing shows internal   citations in the body of   the text as well as a proper list of references at the end of the paper, following APA or Bluebook citation as appropriate.
· Paper meets the 1 page length requirement

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high school
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