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1. How did the Web site RateMyProfessors. com solve its problem of low-quality information? The website RateMyProfessors. com introduced a large database of faculty members and their information reviews and feedbacks mechanism to measure the quality of content of the website. The information strength is also displayed using various additive features like mtvu awards, professors strike back and top yearly lists of professors and so on. The information is also made rich using the various online videos that offer an excellent display of experiences.
The online video database enhances the information richness to a large extent. RateMyProfessors. com has solved its problem of low quality information by providing reviews and online videos that can be fetched for the purpose of ones use and design. The value addition features like that of awards and moving elements like “Professor’s strike back” makes sure that a lot of energy and life is infused into the visitors. 4. Describe the different types of databases.
Why should Google use a relational database? Navate (2003) mentions that the various different types of database are as follows: Relational database: The relational database type makes sure that all operational and regular transactional information is stored effectively in a particular structure. It is practically used for all types of industries to store data. Network databases: The network database is an arrangement of data in linked format for better and faster access.

Hierarchical databases: Databases of such nature is used for fetching large scale trend analysis reports and forecasting information of business. Flat file: The flat file is used for simple recording of records and is very inefficient in many ways. It is usually not used as storage and retrieval is not efficient. Object database: The object database is represented using objects which hold the static and dynamic sections of the real life entity that is modeled for storage and use.
Google should use a relational database to make sure that all the various relationship between the real life entities modeled for ultimate use for the users must be kept in synchronized manner for retrieval and use. However the use of relational database also enhances the addition of new entities or objects for incorporating large scale changes in the software. The effective use of the Google relational database makes sure to eliminate redundancies (Frawley, 2001).
However the use of the combination of network and hierarchical database would trap the data and prepare aggregation of various data forms for making the right analysis of data. The OLAP feature can be the best database form as data is stored in multi-dimensional form and stored in aggregated form. Google should use a relational database as the fetching of data is more of concern here as the primary intention is to search information. The fetching of extensive information from databases can be made possible using the relational database alone.
The query optimization techniques make possible the various faster executions of user searches. The use of relational database for Google is to plot the exact relation between the various Google database entities so that an exact relationship is established for fetching the right query result and helps the search engine to optimize time and effort.
References/ Bibliography
Frawley, W (2001). “Knowledge Discovery in Databases: An Overview”. AI Magazine: pp. 213-228. ISSN 0738-4602. Navate, Elmasri (2003). Database Systems, Prentice Hall, pp 23 -25, vol 3, Pearson Education.

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