Give Examples of social injustice

We see the social injustice against women in the novel Parvana and Newspaper article “Mukhtar Fought Back”. In the novel Parvana we were shown social injustice where eleven year old girl Parvana had to masquerade as a boy to gain access to the outside world. For much of the story her father is imprisoned leaving only her mother, older sister and two very young siblings. Most of the country is ruled by the Taliban and Taliban laws require women to cover themselves & ban girls from attending school or going out unescorted. She has rarely been outside but Parvana’s disguise provides her a measure of freedom and the means to support her family.
I believe that humans, female or male have desire to learn but discover that the laws are so socially restricting for females that they must resort to disguise and further risks. This is injustice not only to females but humankind. I think since the “Taliban” were corrupted in their beliefs they carried these laws on women. As there were misbelieves at higher level, people under them followed the road of injustice for e. g. some soldiers raped women who didn’t cover themselves including their face. This also shows why parents in third world countries desire to have a male child because the boys provide more freedom and measures to families.
Another example of social injustice against women is shown in the Newspaper article “Mukhtar Fought Back”. Mukhtar Mai was gang raped for an offence supposedly committed by her twelve years old brother Shakur. Mukhtar and her family are from the low Gujar caste and are expected to be subservient to the Mastoi. Therefore men of dominant caste Mastoi had the decision making power and resolved that to appease the honour of their caste; she must be raped in revenge for what they claimed was the rape of one of their women by Shakur.

This shows that today there are societies that are based on the unfair system of caste and the justice is given on the decision made by the people of dominant caste. This also proves that the castes that are dominant have the right to speak and to even make wrong decision over the people of low caste. In reality it was a made up attempt to hide the fact that it was her brother who had been raped by men from the Mastoi caste. I think the guilt felt by the Mastoi for raping the boy lead them to exert their caste power on the weak caste and thought she is uneducated and poor, hence she will not able to take an action against them.
Furthermore I believe they were over confident and they supposed if Mukhtar was raped she will also commit suicide as this is the custom. Often women were blamed even when they were the victims of rape but her sense of outrage and injustice made her refuse to commit suicide. I believe her story is not a victim’s story; it’s the tale of a survivor, and a fighter. I believe that the injustice she felt inside is a universal feeling of injustice, humans from all levels of civilization have natural sense of common morals and so she knew this is not right in any country or culture.
I believe that in most of the third world countries often women are prohibited to do the same things as men since men are dominant. I think social awakening has to be brought up by the educated people themselves. The politicians should spend time to educate people. It is not civilized to ostricise a rape victim. I believe that on going efforts in social education would reduce the crimes committed against women in the third world countries.

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