You are working in an Obstetrician’s office. A 45-year-old woman that is at the end of the first trimester has just transferred to your office. A chromosomal analysis has been requested by the patient. In the first part of this assignment, you need to describe process of sampling and examining the fetal chromosomes. The result of the analysis indicates that the child has down syndrome. The mother becomes distraught upon hearing the results and blames herself. Specifically, she focuses on a single event where she consumed cookie dough ice cream (which contains raw eggs) during the second month of gestation. For the second part of this assignment, you need to compose an explanation that refutes the mother’s supposition and provides a more logical (but also empathetic) reason for the trisomy. In addition, craft a detailed explanation of how your response to the patient’s concerns aligns with the QSEN nursing competencies ( Required Subtopics-Sampling of the fetusProcess of creating a karyotypeDown Syndrome karyotypeProcess of Non-disjunctionSymptoms of Down SyndromeExplanation of why mother’s assertion is incorrectExplanation of probably cause of trisomyAlignment of your explanation with QSEN competenciesPlease turnitin score must be below 20%.

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