GB580: Strategic Management unit 1 and 2 Combined Assignment

Unit 1 and 2 Individual AssignmentOne key element of a successful strategic plan is its ability to prepare the organization to weather and, indeed, capitalize on the changes in the external environment in which the organization exists.Individuals face an equally challenging and rapidly changing environment that they must plan for. Given this outlook, think of yourself as your own company, as You Inc., and plan a strategy to succeed in this changing and challenging environment. Individuals need a strategic plan just as organizations do. To that end, develop individual strategic plans during the next 2 weeks, using the tools that are introduced here and in your readings.Please make a note that the units one and two assignments are designed as a personal strategic plan. This means you will be doing your plan on yourself and your future. This is not designed to be a strategic plan on a business, even if you own it. Personal strategic plans deal with planning the future for your family, your education, your employment, and/or your political ambitions; anything that will impact you personally.Click on the Rubric Icon to read complete detailed instructions on what you will need to complete and submit for the Unit 1 and 2 Individual Assignments. Also, Click on the Resources icon to download the templates needed for successful completion of the Assignments.

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