Gallery report

Photo 1
Gallery Report

Visit any gallery exhibiting photography.From
write about them.Also include a brief bio of the photog(s)
the exhibit select 2 Photographs and
When looking at each photograph:
Describe it
Discuss what you think it is about
Evaluate it by telling why you think it is good or not.
In each case refer back to the image when discussing it.
Describe it:include such things as its size,color,and type of print.Then describe the
subject of the there a feeling of motion?Is it composed well?What is the lightquality?
What is it about?What is the photographer trying to say?What does it mean?
Always refer back to the photo when doing this.“I believe it is about man’s relationship to
nature because of the size of the humans in the large landscape which overpowers them”.
brings up emotions in me and I feel the composition is excellent”.
Evaluating:Is it good or not? First state what you feel makes a good photograph, then
apply that to the photographs you are looking at.“I feel it is a good photograph because it
Include an invitation,a brochure,or a flyer from the exhibit with your final typed report.
Make sure your name,the gallery’s name,the photographer’s name and the day you wentto the gallery all appear on your report.
Submit your finished report and documents in a regular 9X12 envelope

Choose two photos form the galleries and follow the introduction

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