Freud’s view about religious beliefs is that

1. Freud’s view about religious beliefs is that:A. They might be true, they might equally be false, and we have to decide for ourselveswhich one.B. Anyone who believes in an afterlife [a genuine life after death] must be psychologicallydeluded.C. It might be that religious beliefs are true, but it is unlikely that they are true, hence theyare irrational.D. Science can try to undermine religious faith but, given human weakness, science willfail.2. When a person characterizes God as "good" (or describes God as "good"), this activityis most closelya type of:A. ObjectificationB. AllocutionC. ProjectionD. JustificationE. Falsification3. According to Harry Frankfurt, genuine love is:A. a de re attitude [or phenomenon].B. a de dicto attitude [or phenomenon].C. both a de re and a de dicto attitude [or phenomenon].D. neither a de re nor a de dicto attitude [or phenomenon].4. According to Bill Clinton, the expression "sexual relations":A. refers to or includes oral sex (fellatio).B. refers to or includes sexual intercourse (coitus).C. refers to or includes mutual masturbation.D. all the aboveE. none of the aboveF. two out of A, B, C5. According to Alan Goldman, sexual activity between two people is morally good or rightonly if:A. Neither participant is selfish with respect to seeking or attaining pleasure.B. The persons make sure that the act remains open to the possibility of procreation.C. Nothing perverted and painful occurs during their sexual activity.D. Any homosexual tendencies are suppressed.E. Two of the above.6. The sexual act that most plausibly involves treating another person merely as a meansis:A. Doing it on (or in) your parents’ king-size bed.B. Engaging in intercourse while using a condom.C. Ending a female virgin’s virginity. 2D. Nonconsensual sex.E. Two of the above.7. What socially significant sexual behaviors are deliberately missing from the APA’s listof paraphilias?A. Engaging in sex in Walmart’s condiments aisle at 3:00 AMB. Getting pleasure from wearing the undergarments of the opposite sexC. Lap dances & Nuru massageD. Homosexual actsE. All the aboveF. None of the above8. The reply to the Problem of Evil that does not destroy or disrupt Christian theism is:A. God is not omnipotent.B. God is not perfectly loving.C. God is not omniscient.D. All the above.E. None of the above.9. What did Abraham not do that God did?A. Impregnated a woman who gave him a son.B. Decreed that the 8thday be a day of rest.C. Led his people out of Libya.D. Sacrificed his son.E. Two of the above.10. The medical procedure called "Sedation to Unconsciousness" is morally permissibleonly if:A. If it is performed by a team of three qualified physicians; one must document theprocedures.B. Sedation to unconsciousness is not the cause of a patient’s death.C. Once the procedure is begun, it must be carried out to completion.D. Two of the above.E. None of the above.11. The best example of a morally supererogatory sexual act would be:A. A prostitute is hired to engage in sexual activity with a 90-year-old man who will soondie (anyway).B. An attending hospital nurse engages in sex with a 90-year-old man who will soon die(anyway).C. A prostitute engages in sexual activity, for free, with a 90-year-old man who will soondie (anyway).D. All the above.12. A sentence that involves both use and mention is:A. Whenever I mention a word, I also try to use it.B. I was not feeling any fireworks about you when we were watching the fireworkstogether.C. I was not home alone when I was watching, for the tenth time, the movie "HomeAlone."D. Whenever I use a word, I also try to mention it.E. Two of A, B, C, D.F. All four of A, B, C, D.13. Which sentence fragment is a possible answer to the question "Why does Dr. Peterlove math"?A. Because, unlike philosophy, it is full of amazing paradoxes and surprises. 3B. Because if you are going to teach something, you are better off loving it than hating it.C. Because his wife hates it, and he likes to annoy his wife.D. All the above.E. None of the above.14. Consider this argument: "If you are taking a shower, you are going out. If you aregoing out, I’mstaying home. If I’m staying home, Gwendolyn is coming over. You are taking a shower.So Gwendolyn iscoming over."A. The argument is valid, through multiple applications of modus ponens.B. The argument is valid, via multiple applications of hypothetical syllogism.C. The argument is valid by some combination of applications of modus ponens andhypotheticalsyllogism.D. The argument is invalid.E. Two of A, B, C.F. Three of A, B, C.15. "I’m not going to eat both a filet mignon and a lobster." (That’s too much even for me!)"I take a risk if Ieat a lobster. I take a risk if I eat a filet mignon. I never take risks." Therefore . . . .A. The premises of this argument are contradictory.B. The argument involves two applications of modus ponens (and other rules).C. The argument, no matter the conclusion, is invalid.D. One correct conclusion of the argument is: I will eat neither the lobster nor the filetmignon.E. Two of the above.16. When a close friend of yours dies after the car they are driving is hit by a drunkdriver’s car, youblame:A. SocietyB. GodC. The drunk driverD. Your friendE. Manufacturers and distributors of alcoholic "beverages."F. SatanG. No one ("blaming" never makes sense).

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