Forum 1 – Inperson

Forum Unit 1: Select a Project (Forum Post)
Discussion Topic 1:
Please provide an overview of your proposed project and why you feel it will make a good example for a project that you can build throughout the semester including a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), schedule, dependencies, resources assignments and reporting.
Then, take some time and reply to two other class mates ideas.  Give them constructive feedback on what challenges you think they may have.
Writing Requirements
•Post Length: 150-200 words
•Replies: minimum of 100 words per post (respond to at least two classmates


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Forum 1 – Inperson
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Reply 1 : Xiaojun

The proposed project is about the renovation and development of a residential apartment building in Koreatown Los Angeles. The proposed property is a 7-story building with 29 units, including studios and 2 bedrooms. The target market includes white-collar workers and Chinese students in Los Angele. The building features fully furnished apartments including furniture, appliances, utilities, kitchenware and cookware. The property will be secured with 24/7 apartment surveillance system with 360-degree HD cameras monitoring all public areas, electronic door locks and garage with remote control.
I think it would be a good example because the project includes the planning and executing with design, construction, closing for rent so that it is easy to apply WBS, schedule, dependencies, resources and reporting in this project.
The project requires sufficient planning to prepare enough resources and time to schedule to make it smoother for ongoing executing. 

Reply 2: 

Hello Class,
I am very glad to disclose that my project will be to help set up a new facility. The current workplace doesn’t have a modern state of the art infrastructure for expansion. The current facility started as a small unit of 200 employees and have now grown stronger with 7500 employees. It doesn’t have facilities needed for a company that is growing at a rate of almost 30% Y-O-Y. A big challenge for the centre is related to large industry conference that takes place. The facility doesn’t have a large conference room & parking space that causes a major problem as many client conferences are held in the facility. Moreover, the current facility is an old building and recently a part of the roof collapsed in the server room causing severe damage to the data warehouse. This is a financial institution, hence its data security and safety both are threatened under the current circumstances.
So senior management has decided to start a project to move the facility. The goal of the office relocation project is to move completely into the new facility along with its financial data & least impact to its operations by end of 3rd Quarter of 2022.


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