Forensic Science Module 5 Chapter 9 Essay Questions 2015

Directions: Please answer each of the following questions and ensure that each response isat least one page in length. Please use proper APA formatting and cite any sources used.Visit the Academic Resource Center for concise APA guidelines. Show your references on areference page.Chapter 9 Essay Questions:1. Why is knowledge of an individual’s history of drug use important in evaluating drugconcentrations found by a toxicologist?2. What is the DRE program? What are its main strengths and weaknesses?Chapter 10 Essay Questions:1. The dead rape victim is found in her apartment. Describe the proper collection andpreservation of the seminal stained clothing. Emphasize the proper collection of controlsfrom the victim and suspect.2. The victim of a homicide is wrapped in a blood-soaked sheet. Describe the proper steps tobe taken in order to preserve the sheet for laboratory examination. List all necessarysubmissions that must be made for a thorough examination of blood evidence.Chapter 11 Essay Questions:1. How should packages containing DNA evidence be stored? Name one common exceptionand explain why it should be handled differently and how it should be stored.2. List four steps an investigator should take to prevent contamination of DNA evidence.

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