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 Hi! Can everyone help me solve this java problem? 
Write code that prints: Ready! firstNumber … 2 1 Blastoff!
Your code should contain a for loop. Print a newline after each number and after each line of text.   
Ex: If the input is:  
The output is:  

This is my code: 
import java.util.Scanner;

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For loops – Zybooks
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public class ForLoops {
   public static void main (String [] args) {
      int firstNumber;
      int i;

      Scanner input = new Scanner(;
      firstNumber = input.nextInt();
      for (i=firstNumber;i>1; i–){





When running the program, my output only matches the two outputs as shown in the attached picture. The rest do not match. How can my code be the same as the expected output as in the attached image?
Thanks, everyone!


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