Flannery o conners writings

Writings For readers why are not familiar with Flannels O’ Connors writings, they tend give the reader emotional devastation because If all the gothic elements such as the violence and the messed up religious elements. The short stories that she creates give off an uncongenial feeling and possesses the readers feelings towards the stories. Many of these stones have both violence and religious aspects to them.
Fate plays a big role In the stories climaxes. Either the mall character or the antagonists encounter what seems to be fate and start off violent but end up as If they saw the errors of their ways or felt as of a higher power has accepted them. In the end of AGAINST the characters encounter the misogynist right after they crash. They meet him by fate. Fate is not always a good thing. Later on the violence in the story happens when the whole family is murdered by them.
The antagonist in this story understands that what he did is not right and he can act as a Christ figure because he brought the thoughts of people out of them as if they were confessing something to him. In The Circle in the Fire the antagonists violently burn down everything around the barn, and then danced around it as if they felt like they needed to do and if a higher power has accepted them. The impact her endings give off are disastrous and thought provoking leaving the reader in awe.

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Flannery o conners writings
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