Financial Analysis

FYou are required to produce an academic report of 3000 words (+/-5%), excluding appendices and references. The report should use appropriate concepts taken from this course and your own research to provide critical appraisal of one of the following: • A project or situation at your current place of work. • A project or situation at a previous workplace of yours. • A project or situation at a workplace where you are not working and have not worked previously, but to which you have suitable access for this assessment. There are a number of projects you could choose (i.e. the building of Hollyrood, HS2, London Olympics etc), use your imagination. You must provide an appropriate background of the concepts of Budgets and Financial Control, using literature in the proper manner. You should provide a brief description of the situation you will be using for your critical appraisal. These are both necessary conditions but are not sufficient. You must the link the concepts to the situation you are appraising and use the concepts to provide the appraisal. You may choose to handle this assessment in a variety of ways. For example, you might take an overview of Budgets and Financial Control and/or choose to focus on one detailed topic of Budgets and Financial Control and use this as your basis. Whatever you choose you must justify your choices.

The first four aspects of the Marking Scheme below also act as an indication of the topics you should use as a minimum (the inclusion of any sub-headings, if required, will remain your choice): Marking Scheme Introduction 10% Budgets and Financial Control theories 20% Application of Budgets and Financial Control theories 40% Future Directions and Recommendations 20% Presentation/professionalism of Report 10%

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Financial Analysis
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