FINANCE-You are a senior marketing executive in a leading toy manufacturing firm


You are
a senior marketing executive in a leading toy manufacturing firm. Your product development team has presented
you with three new products for consideration. Your job is to evaluate the three projects
and determine which product the company should make. You will use EXCEL to evaluate each product
on a number of criteria.


1) Save your file as lastname
+ first initial + EX1.xlsx (e.g., doejEX1.xlsx)

2) Your task is to enter the
formulas in the cells that are shaded yellow. YouMUST use formulas to receive credit.

3) The metrics table (in
orange) tells you what logic you need to apply for the various calculations
in the scenario.

4) Only the cells that are
shaded in yellow may be modified.

5) The
spreadsheet will provide you automatic feedback as to your score. HOWEVER, if the correct
formulas are not used, the instructor may reverse points awarded in the
grader. While
the auto-grade feature is a helpful guide, your instructor will still verify
all answers. Your
score is not final until entered into Angel.


1) A
weighted score is a raw score that is multiplied by some multiplier
(typically a percentage). For this
scenario, the weighted score = raw score * category weight.

2) You can use the AVERAGE()
function to help you calculate the average weighted score, but it is not

3) Use
the MIN() and MAX() functions in your formulas to get the lowest and highest
values in a range respectively. The
Startup Cost, Expected Sales, and Expected Profit cells must use the Min or Max functions in their formula.

4) Ratios are generally
derived via division.

5) Time to Delivery and
Product Tie In cells should use an IF statement in their formula.

6) The
Startup Cost, Expected Sales, Expected Profit, and Average Weighted Score must utilize static cell references
in their formulas.

Designated cells not using the correct formula will be
marked incorrectif they are wrong despite the
results indicated in the built-in exam grader.

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