FINANCE-Global Finance Discussion

Global Finance
Student 1 Discussion:
Collaboration in general has always been a productive thing to do, but when
talking about business it reinforces the ideas and decision making process by
collaborating between peers. There are pros and cons like many thing s in life
about collaboration, if some is now knowledge enough will then be contributing
poor skills, talent. In the decision making process one must make sure to not
apply common decision making bias such as overconfidence bias, anchoring bias,
confirmation bias, hindsight bias, and self-serving bias and in group bias.
This bias are many time being used without the person even knowing that such a
force of negativity is being produced; that is why decision making courses are
very important educational programs to offer.

The forces of globalization have daily impacts on interest rates, currency
rates, and risk for investors depending on what investment strategy is chosen,
it can either be to invest for growth or to invest for income depending on the
investors plan. Here is where the implications for MNC get tricky, it takes
talent, skill and education is a plus that allows corporations to make educated
marketing and strategic business plans that will mitigate the forces
globalizations produces. When MNC apply good decision making, strategies and
techniques, research and analysis such as cost benefit analysis, cost
effectiveness analysis, swot analysis, pest analysis, pestle analysis, STP
models and many more it prepares MNC for the know variable and the unknown
variable in this case being the forces of globalization.

The international financial system is has evolved into a globalized
interconnected super financial hub when all independent financial hubs such as
New York, London, Shanghai, Sydney, Shenzhen, Geneva, Zurich, Chicago, Tokyo,
Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. The evolution has become more rapidly and more
competitive as emerging countries start to make a name for themselves. The
individual project will consist of mainly research on whether to expand
internationally to the European Union or outside the EU and figure out what
strategies and techniques to apply.
Response to the above Discussion (Student 1)
Student Discussion 2
1) Introduction- This will describe
the state of the European Union and outside of the
European Union, so that I can fully
explain my decision. (still undecided) Which will lead into my decision.

2) Body- This will further support
my decision through further detailed information through my research.

Describing the advantages and disadvantages of the
choice I have made.
Describing the pros and cons of the choice I didn’t opt
I will describe the financial state of the MNC outside
its own country.
Explain why some companies chose to provide credit
outside their own countries.

3) Conclusion- I will summarize my
finding in closing.

4) References
Response to the above Discussion (Student 2
Note: Please, include citations and references because our Discussion Board
has an automatic “TUR IT IN” Plagiarism are not allowed.

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