Final Project

Creating a Training Program to Address a Workplace Issue  For this assignment you will work with other assigned members in the course on a team project. A majority of tasks accomplished within an organization are the result of teams working together. However, working on a team with varied personalities, backgrounds, education levels, and levels of experience can be complicated. While everyone has the mutual concern of benefiting the organization overall, they also retain various personalities differences that can make this collaboration a varied process overall.   The team will agree on and select a workplace issue, i.e.; working with an unreasonable supervisor, merging with another organization, conflict management, miscommunication, high attrition rates, high absenteeism rates, etc. Once the team has selected a workplace issues, you will be required to develop a training program on how to resolve this issue. The training program will include a PowerPoint presentation and one activity for trainees to complete during the training. The core elements of the training program that you will be evaluated on will include;  •A PowerPoint presentation to conduct the training •A detailed overview of the workplace issue •Identification of the target audience, for example; the finance department is having issues with miscommunication therefore the target audience for the training would be the finance department, attrition in the organization overall therefore the target audience would be senior management, working with an unreasonable supervisor therefore the target audience might be general employees.  •A minimum of three detailed suggestions to overcome the issue, maximum of 5 detailed suggestions.  •Include a team-building activity within the training session. Outline the purpose, steps within the activity, and the desired outcome(s). Team-building activities are often used within organizational training sessions to increase trust, stimulate communication, and encourage collaboration. One of the key elements of the training activity should be focused upon communication and determining common aspects of personality traits among participants and identifying ways to overcome barriers of differences within personalities.   The PowerPoint presentation will need to be between 20-30 slides. The team-building activity can be addressed within the PowerPoint, however the detailed outline of the activity will be submitted separately as a Word document, minimum of one page.

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Final Project
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