Final Project – social scientist cap and offer “cultural solutions

Your Final Project from this course will enable you to compare cultural viewpointstoward death and dying in Western society to those in other parts of the world.Final Project InformationOverviewYour Final Project will be a medium-length essay in which you address the culturalviewpoints toward death and dying in Western society and compare these to theperspectives toward death and dying in other parts the world. As the course content willpoint out, much about the Western response to death and dying amplifies the process ofgrief and bereavement, perhaps unnecessarily. In the West, death is something that isdenied and, in many ways, is something that people seem ill-equipped to deal with oncethe event occurs or is imminent. Your job in this paper will be to put on your socialscientist cap and offer “cultural solutions” to the way that death and dying is dealt with inWestern society.AssignmentBased on your own independent research in which you compare the cultural beliefstoward death and dying in Western societies to those in Eastern societies such asChina, Vietnam, Japan, and so forth, write an essay that addresses the following points:Describe in detail the major differences between the Western viewpointtoward death and dying and those in these Eastern societies (you may focus onone country, such as China, or talk about Eastern societies more generally). Besure to describe the rituals involved with the process of death and dying, thevarious technologies, or anything that helps explain these differences.1.Give one specific example of a famous case of death and dying inWestern society that demonstrates some of the problems or dysfunctions of theWestern viewpoint (examining cases in the media, for example, will be a greatplace to start!).2.Finally, conclude your final paper with a detailed commentary about whatwe can do to change the cultural beliefs toward death and dying in Westernsocieties in a way that makes us less afraid of the dying process. Be veryspecific in your commentary.3.Basic Writing Expectations:This Assignment should be between 750–1000 words in length, using 1inch margins, 12-point font, double spacing.Following APA format and citation guidelines.This Assignment should also use at least five references, one of whichmay be from the Reading in your course.This Assignment should include a title page and references page.The Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard AmericanEnglish (correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling).The Assignment should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well asoriginal and insightful.Writing assistance is available through the Kaplan University WritingCenter. The KU Writing Center also offers sup port and additional informationon APA formatting and citation

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