Final Memo Preparation: Part 1

Due Monday by 5pm
Points 10
Submitting a file upload

After Spring Break, we will start working on the memo that will be your final project.  As with the dog-bite problems, you will be writing a memo for a senior attorney analyzing the viability of a client’s claims. You will receive the official assignment sheet and rubric after the break.  In the meantime, please take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the facts and caselaw you will be writing about.  
Specifically, over Spring Break:
1. Read the documents in the Skywalker v. Vader Folder 
     a. Skywalker Fact Pattern
     b. Baehr v. Pen-O-Tex Oil
2. Write–What the hell happened in Baehr?  Answer the questions below:    
1. What was Kemp’s relationship to the plaintiff? To the defendant?
2. What happened in February, 1956? 
3. What is consideration?
4.  Plaintiff made two separate arguments in support of his theory that defendant should pay the rent. One of them was based on a statute and the other was based on a common law contract theory. What were the two arguments?  
5. Which of Plaintiff’s two arguments applies to our fact patten?
Optional: You MAY, but are not required, to brief Baehr rather than answering the questions.

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