Final Assignment

For this assignment, I want you to imagine that the day has finally come for you to apply for that position you so desire.
You will first think to yourself and choose your dream job/role/position.
Next, you will choose any organization that you like and imagine the role is open on their career website.
Next: You are now ready to apply to your dream job.
The first step will be to create a spectacular cover letter that will state why you are interested in the position and what your qualifications are. This letter will be formatted just like a professional cover letter. You will express to the Human Resources Manager why this job BELONGS TO YOU!!

In the cover letter, make sure to include, the company you chose and make sure your state the job position you are applying for.  

Second Step will be to submit your Resume. Many of you may already have a resume, if you don’t or its outdated then created one and/or update it. Don’t worry about making things up – just go with the experience you already have.
Keep in mind – Your resume is a reflection of your skills and competencies. Show the hiring manager your experience and what you bring to the table. Show off your skills and why you would be of great value to the company!
Lastly, pretend the Human Resources Manager has given you a call and asked you these two questions over the phone:

Tell me a little about yourself.
Why did you apply to this position?

You will put all of this information together and submit as your final assignment.

Cover Page – MLA Format [Your name, Course, date, Assignment 4] -SIMPLE
Cover Letter – One page
Your resume – 1-2 pages (2 pages MAX)
Answer the 2 questions the hiring manager has asked you – one page.

Total 4 – 5 pages. (5 pages Max!)

**Many of you expressed you wanted to be your own boss, however even the Mark Zuckerberg’s and the Steve Jobs of the world started from somewhere. You must choose a position (any position you choose as a dream career or job) and a real-life organization (Does not matter if small or large, worth 1 million or 1 billion, just choose a company you would want to work for).

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