FIN 615 – Short Paper and Discussion Moderating Activity 2015

Paper and Discussion Moderating Activity (15% of course grade)

Topic – Capital Budget

Students will write one approved short paper to post by 9:00
a.m. Eastern Coast Time on Monday of their assigned session in our online class
conference area. During the week in which a student posts his/her paper, he/she
will serve as moderator for the weekly conference and facilitate discussion
related to his/her paper. Students will sign-up in advance. The due dates are
listed in the Course Guide/Schedule.
Student should research articles, journals, or books, and report
on a financial modeling topic within one of the following
contexts/orientations, with the goal of expanding and/or deepening the classes
understanding of financial analysis and modeling:
1) critical reviews
of specific financial models (which may include financial models not covered in
2) critical exploration
of the ‘technology of modeling’, which may include focuses like emerging
software employed in financial modeling for the specific topic, or the
principles of logic underlying the financial models used for the specific topic
(i.e. software for forecasting)
3) critical evaluation
of analysis and modeling employed in the financial management of specific
industries (i.e. forecasting in the airline industry)
REMEMBER the words “critically
evaluate” are important. A simple overview or tutorial of software features
or of a financial analysis process (i.e. ratio analysis) or financial model
(Monte Carlo simulation) will not meet the requirements for this paper. The
writer should analyze the topic, bring in relevant research, offer comparisons,
and consider pros and cons, or implications for practice. These are simply a
few of the contemplative practices that move a paper into the critical realm.
NOTE: Do not reuse papers from your other finance or accounting
classes. This is strictly prohibited and they do NOT meet the focus of this
course, which emphasizes financial concepts from the perspective of analysis,
modeling and decision making. For example, a paper that explains cash budgets
or forecasting would be too general for this class (based on the paragraph
presented above) and would not rise to the level of critical evaluation.
instructor evaluates students’ papers based on how well they address the topic, critically
readings and research, employ APA style,
and moderate the class discussion by making substantive responses to the
majority of the conference participants.Resources to help you in your
graduate level writing are listed in the posting, Writing Resources, under
Course Content in the classroom.

Each paper should be 8-10 double spaced
pages, excluding appendices, using APA format. Some sources students may wish
to consider are,,Information
Weekly, Wall Street Journal, Strategic Finance, Journal of Accountancy, Journal
of Financial Forecasting, Journal of Applied Management, European Journal of
Operational Research, and the UMUC Web Databases. Articles from
other accounting or financial analysis, modeling, or decision support journals
and sources are also acceptable. If you use an online source, check that it
provides credible information.
Students who miss their Monday morning posting date are subject
to the Late Work penalties. Students who do not moderate the discussion related
to their papers receive an automatic 10-point deduction from their paper grade.
Also, review sections of the syllabus on Original Work, Avoiding
and Preventing Plagiarism, and the Vail Tutorial when completing this
The assignment addresses Course Objectives 1-6 above.

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