Explain how you would use the medium you chose to help build

(Original answer) (5-7 paragaphs) ($8) Creating an advertising campaign requires an understanding of the target market your campaign will try to reach. It is also important to consider how different media options can help your campaign meet its goals. Since resources are always limited, you will have to decide which media options should be prioritized and which are relatively less important.Imagine that you are a media planner for a national food company that is launching a new line of meal packages called Dinner’s Done. Each Dinner’s Done package includes all the ingredients needed for a healthy, easy-to-prepare, homemade meal that serves a family of four.The primary target market for Dinner’s Done will be families with a size of close to four members, significant time constraints that make convenience a priority, and a strong interest in healthy foods, or at least healthier food than the fast-food alternatives.Your assignment is to create a three-month, multi-media campaign that will deliver both high frequency and engagement with the target market for Dinner’s Done. Although the campaign will include some combination of television advertising, online advertising, and print advertising, the company needs to prioritize one of these options.In an essay:Recommend an advertising medium (either television, online, or print) that you believe would be most effective and cost-efficient in reaching the target market for Dinner’s Done. Explain the reasoning behind your choice.Explain how you would use the medium you chose to help build awareness of and interest in Dinner’s Done.

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