Explain how you would respond to the moral dilemma

In this week’s Discussion, you considered ethics, which is closely related to values and morals. Every day, you probably behave in ways that are consistent with your ethics, values, and morals. Values suggest qualities that you consider important. For example, you may value honesty, persistence, and respect. It is ideal to lead and be lead by those who share your values. Morals guide you to differentiate between right and wrong. Chapter 9 in your text explains how stages of moral development influence the way that leaders address moral dilemmas. Ethics, morals, and values should be important considerations to people in leadership roles—indeed, strong ethics, morals, and values can be influential on long-term organizational success.The assignment: (1–2 pages)•Explain how you would respond to the moral dilemma.•Analyze which stage of moral development is the most consistent with your response to the dilemma and why.•Summarize your personal values.•Explain the conclusions you can draw about your own morals and values and how you believe they could influence your role as a leader.

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