Expected Results of Research on recidivism

Assignment: Please tell me how your independent variable is going to influence your dependent variable, and compare it with other studies.
For example: As hypothesized, results from this study indicate that people who exercise more often have lower levels of depression. In addition, people who exercised more frequently reported higher levels of self-esteem. These results are consistent with findings from XXX (2019) who also found that exercise was conductive to overall feelings of well-being.

The topic of the assignment is recidivism:  The research questions and hypotheses are provided below.  3 pages.
Research Question
Does participation in a faith-based program affect recidivism rates of inmates.
Research Hypothesis
Inmates who participate in Faith-based programs/organizations are less likely to be repeat offenders than those who do not participate in those programs.
Research Question
Do faith-based programs assist with the social reintegration of inmates
Research Hypothesis
Former inmates who participate in religious programs integrate more readily into society post-release.

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Expected Results of Research on recidivism
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