Examples in “The Brutal Business of Boxing”

“The Brutal Business of Boxing” written by author John Head, uses all three forms of examples: the extended example, the sentence length example, and the single example. The extended example lies in the form of the entire essay. The entire essay is a description of one person is specific, where physical and personality characteristics are developed paragraph by paragraph. Due to the fact that the descriptions are centered on one person, this is an extended example.

However, sentence length examples are included in every paragraph. Every paragraph in the essay is quite short and centers on providing information around the central topic of the essay, Muhammad Ali. The author uses single examples most often in the essay. Some examples of this are: “confident, articulate, charismatic” (par. 2); “lightning quick jabs” (par. 4); and “slow shuffle” (par. 6). These single examples highlight the character traits that the author would like the reader to envision.

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Examples in “The Brutal Business of Boxing”
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“The Brutal Business of Boxing” uses all three types of examples throughout the essay to develop it. The entire essay is an extended example; each paragraph contains sentence level examples, and each sentence contains colorful single examples. The essay is a wonderful and multi leveled model of an example essay. Reference Head, John. “The Brutal Business of Boxing. ” Found in Wordsmith:A Guide to Writing. 3rd ed. by Pamela Arlov. Prentice Hall: NJ. 2006. p. 589-90.


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