event reflect paper

The essay need 750 words, the essay about the speech, This essay should include a brief summary and reflection on the speech. What surprised you? What other questions did you have? What did you agree or disagree with? You need cite resources to support your idea, And most importantly, how can you relate globalization and human rights? 

The speech roughly contents:

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event reflect paper
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(Watch those videos please, it is a part of speech)

  The theme of the speech is “Human rights and disability rights”

Nowadays, many disabilities’s life are very inconveniently, many public places have no access to disabled people, even in New York City. The inconveniences of life bring many troubles to them, and they may have to spend five times than normal people to do the same thing.

People with disabilities also receive unfair treatment. Because of the disability, sometime they hard to communicate with people, then they are often isolated, and being isolated is terrible, they hard to grow healthily if there is no good people and environment around them.

There are some places that are not perfect for disabilities in University of Dayton, such as Power house, UD housing, Zehler Hall and Hills.Schools should pay attention to this aspect.


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