Evaluate alternatives based on established criteria

Assignment: Select one of the following vehicle brands: Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Jeep, or Nissan.In a minimum of 700 words (excluding the title and reference pages), in APA FORMAT with a minimum of three references, explain how you will apply the decision-making process in the purchase of a new vehicle.The buyer decision-making process consists of six stages. The six stages of the buyer decision-making process are:Identify the problemConduct researchEvaluate alternatives based on established criteriaMake a purchase decisionPurchaseEvaluate the purchase decisionUnfortunately, most people do not realize that they follow this process when making purchasing decisions, including decisions that are more “routine” in nature. Routine purchase decisions can often be made with very little to no information or input. The same goes for impulse purchase decisions…think about the last time you asked your friend what they thought about a particular brand of chewing gum or candy bar. Routine and impulse purchases require limited decision-making and are less time consuming. While higher priced, specialty items require extensive decision-making. Knowing this, think about this process in terms of purchasing something you need versus something you want? Do you find that your routine or impulse purchases are more need or want-based? What about your more expensive purchases…do you find that you approach a more expensive purchase from a limited decision-making perspective or from an extensive decision-making perspective? Does your approach depend on the “type” of item? For example, do you apply a limited decision-making process to the purchase of a cell phone or computer and apply an extensive decision-making process to the purchase of a new car? Please read the following articles. Once you have read the articles, please complete the assignment below.The Six Stages of the Consumer Buying Process and How to Market to Them (Links to an external site.)Customer Wants and Needs (Links to an external site.)Six Tips for Making Better Decisions (Links to an external site.)The Importance of Understanding Your Customers’ Buying Behaviour (Links to an external site.)5 Critical Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour (Links to an external site.)Win New Customers: Know their Buying Behaviour (Links to an external site.)Who Do Your Customer’s Listen To? (Links to an external site.)Consumer Decision-Making Process Purchasing a New Car Marketing Essay (Links to an external site.)

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