Title: Ethics Foundations Paper The purpose of this paper is to establish a foundation for Christian ethics in preparation for the “Benchmark – Ethical Scenario Case Study Paper.”Review the Supplemental Topic Overview and write a 1,500-word paper in which you :1) State Solid introduction with strong thesis statement.2)Evaluate and rank ALL FOUR sources of authority WHICH CONSIST OF : reason, experience, tradition/practice, and Scripture, as they relate to ethical decision-making.3) Afterwards, evaluate ALL FOUR levels of ethical decision-making WHICH CONSIST OF : metaethics, normative, applied, and descriptive, and discuss the ways in which one moves from one level to the next.4) Conclusion defending thesis. Support your position by referencing at least EIGHT academic resources, including the Bible and the textbooks. Incorporate the research into your writing in an appropriate, scholarly manner.Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style GuideTextbooks:Balswick, J. O., & Balswick, J. K. (2014). The family: A Christian perspective on the contemporary home (4th ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic. ISBN-13: 97808010493Scazerro, P. (2017). Emotionally healthy spirituality: It’s impossible to be spiritually mature, while remaining emotionally immature (Updated ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. ISBN-13: 9780310348498 – CHAPTER 7Clinton, T., & Hawkins, R. (2009). The quick-reference guide to biblical counseling (2nd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic. ISBN-13: 9780801072253Sande, K., & Johnson, K. (2015). Resolving everyday conflict (Updated ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic. ISBN-13: 9780801005688

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