Ethical Issues Donnell

As a police officer, describe how important is it to support community problem-solving and broken windows policing by applying problem-solving techniques?
Community problem solving arose at the tail end of the implementation of community policing which was a departure from traditional policing from the squad car to patrol officers walking the “beat” and getting more involved in their assigned communities in order to create familiarity, trust, legitimacy, and solutions to the specific needs of the neighborhood through concerted efforts of social services group and the citizens.
          With police more closely involved with neighborhoods a method was needed to systematically address the needs of the people thus community problem-solving came into existence. This process itself can be defined as an all-encompassing planning procedure activated with the intent to change an undesirable situation to a desirable one (Apus, n.d). This is completed in stages and steps, first being to identify common problems within the community and the reasons these issues occur.
Then, utilize programs tailored specifically to address the problem such as drug and mental health courts for those suffering in these areas, and lastly decrease incarcerations as a temporary solution and use more community corrections and alternatives to attack the underlying conditions that lead to crime Apus, (n.d). These steps and targeted solutions can be assessed for their effectiveness in time and then be adjusted and refined if necessary for the best outcome.
Broken windows policing is based on the theory that disorder and incivilities within a neighborhood invites psychological and normative effects

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Ethical Issues Donnell
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