Ethical Dilemmas

You have been invited to speak to a group of newly hired managers at your place of work about management’s role in building and sustaining an organizational culture of ethics and integrity. To prepare for your talk, research and describe five different types of ethical dilemmas that are common in the workplace. Next, describe the potential impact of each dilemma on the organization, its employees, and stakeholders. Discuss management’s role in preventing unethical behavior among the workforce and describe five strategies that managers can implement to create an ethical workplace culture. Your research for this assignment should include current literature on the topics of workplace ethics, management’s role in creating an ethical work culture, and strategies for preventing unethical behavior at work. 
Make sure your paper reflects the concepts addressed in our course materials. Your paper, not counting the title page, reference list, etc., should be no longer than 5 pages. Please provide a minimum of 4 citations within your paper and in your reference list at the end of your paper.

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Ethical Dilemmas
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