Essential Skills for Social Work Practice

SOCW 6101: Essential Skills for Social Work PracticeClient Systems Role Play Script TemplateDate:Role Play Title:Client Profile (demographic details, practice-level, presenting concern):Scene Description from the Client Session:AUDIO (Dialogue)Example:Social Worker: HelloEboni, it is nice to seeyou. What brings you tothe agency today?Eboni: I think I havemade a decision about mypregnancy but I don’tknow how to tell myparents and my boyfriend.© 2013 Laureate Education, IncVIDEO (Client andSocial Worker VisualCues)Example:Social worker smiles andgestures for Eboni to sitdown in the empty chairacross from the socialworker’s desk.Social WorkerPractice Skill orBehaviorExample:Client EngagementEboni slowly pulls backthe chair, sits down, andthen looks at the floor.1AUDIO (Dialogue)VIDEO (Client andSocial Worker VisualCues)Social WorkerPractice Skill orBehaviorEND© 2013 Laureate Education, Inc

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