Essay question

Remember there is a minimum of 350+ words for your essay. Not including the title, etc.
YouTube video: Ted Talks: Alyssa Monks
“Painter Alyssa Monks finds beauty and inspiration in the unknown, the unpredictable and even the awful. In a poetic, intimate talk, she describes the interaction of life, paint, and canvas through her development as an artist, and as a human”  Discuss how you felt after watching the artist explain her painting. Can you give an example in your own life were Alyssa’s feelings expressed in the video are similar to a situation you experienced? Do you think you could share those feelings in a work of art? How?
Ted Talks: Can Art Amend History – Titus Kaphar
“Artist Titus Kaphar makes paintings and sculptures that wrestle with the struggles of the past while speaking to the diversity and advances of the present. In an unforgettable live workshop, Kaphar takes a brush full of white paint to a replica of a 17th-century Frans Hals painting, obscuring parts of the composition and bringing its hidden story into view. There’s a narrative coded in art like this, Kaphar says.”
Comment on Titus’s statement below:
“What happens when we shift our focus and confront unspoken truths?”

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Essay question
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