Essay on Reflection paper

Asian Stereotypes It’s human nature to create stereotypes. Humans are Judgmental beings that always seem to Judge something before they get to know them. Whether Its fear of the unknown, or Just because of bias. Stereotypes can be seen in almost every race. From white people being considered “trailer trash,” to Hipics being known as “lazy. ” Another group that has stereotypes are Asians. Asian people are those who originate from Asian. This group Includes both Indians, Japanese, and Chinese people. To begin, there are many different stereotypes about Asians.
First of all, Aslant men are considered to be chauvinistic. Males are considered to be very disrespectful towards women. They are also seen as against the liberation of people. Furthermore, Aslant parents are portrayed as conservative and strict. Especially In the movies they are seen as dictators with their children. Thirdly, Asians are considered to have better bad English. As many movies have also shown, Asians are shown as having a very broken English and being unable to say “L” sounds. Moreover, religion is also something that people stereotype.
For example, Sikhs are all considered to be Muslims. Also that Asians are not very good athletes. The one that is most common is that all Asians are great at mathematics. This is more of a nurture and less of nature when it comes to mathematics. I believe this is where the whole all Asians are doctors idea came from. This is all untrue. All in all, stereotypes are Just made up ideas about others. We tend to group people up with what we believe they represent. It’s an unfortunate part of life but it seems to happen more and more.

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Essay on Reflection paper
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