Essay on Annotated Bibliography

Niger was the term they used hen calling Black Americans and treat them as their own property, so called “Slaves”. His twelve years of bondage proved how Black Americans were treated during pre-Civil War and I think, in post-civil War too. How they can buy Black Americans to be their SLAVES. They really treat Naggers as their own property and do what they want to do. I never expected that the White Americans can do such thing. The way he wrote it, was very dramatic because he’s the one who experienced that kind of slavery. He wanted to reach people who read his book.
I felt the feeling of reminiscence. I really wanted to see it but I know I can’t. He also, was very eager to wake all American citizens to see the reality of life or to see what’s really happening in the political issues over slavery. His book was one of the best books to show how White Americans kidnap and torture their so called “property’ especially those freemen Naggers like Mr.. Solomon Northup and sell them into Slavery. And I think, his point was always to compare what he saw and experienced to what he already knew as a freeman.
And also, for us to see how and what kind of discrimination or racism happened in the American’s Civil War years. “My narrative is at an end. I have no comments to make upon the subject of Slavery. Those who read this book may form their own opinions of the “peculiar institution”. What it may be in other States, I do not profess to know; what it is in the region of Red River, is truly and faithfully delineated in these pages. This is no fiction, no exaggeration. If I have failed in anything, it has been in presenting to the reader too prominently the bright side of he picture.

I doubt not hundreds have been as unfortunate as myself; that hundreds of free citizens have been kidnapped and sold into slavery, and are at this moment wearing out their lives on plantations in Texas and Louisiana. But I forbear. Chastened and subdued in spirit by the sufferings I have borne, and thankful to that good Being through whose mercy I have been restored to happiness and liberty, I hope henceforward to lead an upright though lowly life, and rest at last in the church yard where my father sleeps.

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