The Paper (4-7 pages)
   This essay should be composed of three primary parts in addition to an introduction and conclusion
                 Attention getter
                Why you selected this experience
                Preview of main body points/sections
Section 1: The story
                Present a specific narrative that demonstrates the failings of this organization. Could be one interaction or a series of interactions but it must read as a story. Be sure the problems are obvious and linked to specific organizational outcomes (Productivity, job satisfaction etc.).
Section 2: Where things went wrong
                 Identify the management approach (classical, human relations, human resources) that the organization was using and why it was an incorrect choice. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of that approach. What are some elements that the organization used? What were some negative side effects of using that approach. Prove to me that you understand that approach.
Section 3: Solutions
                 Having identified the flawed approach, offer an alternative (or fix the mistakes from the old one). For example, If they were using human relations and it failed, how would human resources or classical work better. Again, this is your opportunity to express your knowledge of the given approach. Make sure to include steps for implementing the new approach in detail. “Care about employees more” is not specific. What programs or activities should they do that will show they care.
Conclusion: Return to the theme 
                  Briefly summaries your overall thoughts on the experience
                  Review the three main sections
                  Return to your attention getter to complete the paper

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