Essay #2 PHIL 3020 Critical Thinking 3:50 PM class Mr. Borowsky

PHIL 3020 Critical Thinking 3:50 PM class
Mr. Borowsky

You will need to work with your group to complete this assignment as the work
will be divided among yourselves. So, please make arrangements to meet at least
twice before the deadline.

Open the Readings tab for Week Three in uLearn and open the Essay #2
Assignment. Here, you will find a number of documents relating to the
engagement of Apache helicopters with suspected hostile combatants in New
Baghdad City, Iraq, on July 12, 2007. You have seen footage of this incident in
the film We Steal Secrets: The WikiLeaks
Story.In the readings tab, there is a longer version of the engagement as
well as four other documents relating to its investigation by the US military.

Review these documents and discuss your
perception of the incident. In other words, having looked over these
documents, do you believe that the
soldiers in the helicopter were justified in opening fire on this group? Why or
why not? Was their decision consistent with the rules of engagement? Did the investigation that followed the
incident correct in its assessment? Did they act on a perception that could
justify an attack? If it were your decision, would you have permitted them to
open fire? On relfection, would you have changed the procedure for engaging
possible enemy combatants? And if so, what changes Consider these questions as
you think about the topic.
Please submit this assignment in memo form.
Please consult the OWL website at Purdue University for a model of a memo (”> In addition to this general model, your memo will include
these parts, to be divided equally among your group:

I. Summary of Memo and What It Intends
to Determine (one or two paragraphs, one author)
II. Background of the Incident (two or three paragraphs, one author)
III. Military Assessment of the Incident (three to five paragraphs, two
IV. Evaluation of the Military Assessment (two to three paragraphs, one author)
V. Recommendations in Changes to Rules of Engagement (ROE) (one to two
paragraphs, one author)
This should come to a total of about six or
seven pages. You do not need a Works Cited page, but you are expected to use
in-line citation (see below for video footage). With three or four authors, you
should be able to balance the work equally. If you have a fifth partner, I’ll
assign one of you to another group.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your name is beside the chapter heading that you work on! And
please print and sign all your names to the top of the memo!
IMPORTANT: You are responsible for citing the place in
the videos you are referring to. Refer parenthetically to image or the
beginning of the scene you are citing by minute and second. Here’s an example: “Later the footage, the
helicopter climbs to a better vantage and targets a van pulling away from a
wall (7:34).”
Any questions? Please get in touch.

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