Env Science


u will need to choose a science news article from a magazine, newspaper or Internet.  The source needs to be creditable (not BillyBobsHouseofScience.com).  It also needs to be from the current month and year that it is due, the month prior to the due date, or month after the due date.  Sometimes magazines arrive in the mail and on the newsstands a month early.  For example if your ENVR in the News assignment is due September 20, 2017, you may use a source from August 2017, September 2017 or October 2017. 
You may not use Wikipedia, encyclopedias, or textbooks.   You cannot watch TV and write about it.
Read the entire article then summarize what the article is about in YOUR OWN WORDS.  Be careful not to plagiarize.  This means do not just change a few words and copy the rest of the article.  You need to rephrase the information in your OWN words.  I want to know what you learned from reading the article.  If you are using someone else’s words, you must put them in quotes.
Make sure your article contains the following & post it under the appropriate discussion board thread. 

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Env Science
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Topic in Environmental Science (Climate Change, Pollution, Water Issues, etc.) 
Summary- Explain what the article is about in your own words
Why you chose this article?


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