English writing assignment

In the last Reading Response, you thought of examples of dying metaphors and political speech that “defends the indefensible.” You also found one sentence from your own writing that violated one of Orwell’s rules. Now you’re going to look for more.
Assignment: Find two examples of language- not written by you- that Orwell would call bad writing. Possible sources for this language: news headlines and stories, tweets by politicians and journalists, TV news chyrons, ads on the radio, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, or language you find in your everyday travels. If you’re working right now, employee break room bulletin boards can be wonderful sources. 
Explain why your examples violate the standards in “Politics and the English Language.” Be specific– tell which of Orwell’s complaints about modern language you were reminded of. You might suggest how the language could be rephrased so it doesn’t break Orwell’s rules. 
Please copy-paste or provide links to your examples.
one page long.

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