Before completing this forum, review the Week 3 Speech assignment within the Assignment tab.
Initial post:

Post an outline of your Week 3 speech.
Or Post a draft of PowerPoint presentation.

Student Reply Instructions:
Provide feedback to peers by giving constructive criticism on their speeches.

Does the speech have a central idea? Is the main idea supported?
What weaknesses and strengths do you see in the speech?
Do the slides look clear and clean? Are there too many bullets? Are the slides too busy?
Are fonts hard to read? Do colors or images create difficulties?
Are the speaker notes used without having all the text on the slide?


Recording your speech is optional.
Correctly formatted citations are required for the speech.

Follow this link to learn which citation style is used in your field of study: The APUS Library Style Guide for Majors.

Additional questions for forum responses:

Have you ever been bored by somebody’s “Death by PowerPoint” speech? What made the speech boring?
How do you prepare a speech for a room full of novices vs a room full of experts?
Do you need to define words if you are speaking to beginners? Do you cut to the chase if giving a speech to experts or peers?


Due Date:

Initial post due Thursday by 11:55 EST.  
Replies due Sunday by 11:55 EST.


Initial post should be at least 250 words.
Replies should be at least 100 words each.


Respond to at least 2 fellow students’ initial posts Do not simply compliment them on a job well done. Ask questions and/or provide thoughtful insight and continue the discussion they have started.
You are also expected to reply to anyone who responds to your initial post. This is our place for our classroom discussion, so it’s important to keep the conversation going!

*Please refer to rubric in week 1 for grading details. 

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