5 paragraphs that compares OR contrasts two television shows of the same type (reality shows, situation comedies, dramas, news programs, and so forth). You can also compare/contrast two books or movies if you do not watch much TV.
Use one of the organizational methods—subject-by-subject (block) or point-by-point (alternating)—illustrated in the Week 5 lecture notes to structure within . Also, be sure to include all of the good qualities of comparison and contrast.
If you find information from sources, you will need to include both the in-text citations and an APA formatted Reference list at the end.
P1-Thesis and key ideas you will discuss- 5-6 sentences
P2,3,4 A discussion of each key idea with explanations and examples 6-8 sentences
P5 Restate thesis, 3 key ideas and add a closing statement 5-6 Sentences.

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