Cohesion of Body Paragraphs
By the end of this activity, you will be able to identify potential problems with paragraphing in your research paper. Please be sure to review the module notes and read information on revising and editing from the Online Writing Lab.
In your initial post, provide your introductory paragraph, which should include your thesis. Also provide at least three body paragraphs in support of your thesis.
In addition, read and respond to the posts of two other classmates. Your response should address the following questions:

Does each body paragraph support the argument made in the thesis?
Do body paragraphs reflect the support areas identified in the introduction?
Does each paragraph contain sources and evidence, and is information appropriately quoted, summarized, paraphrased, and cited?
Does each paragraph contain a topic sentence, with all other sentences supporting that topic sentence?
Are there transitions between paragraphs that move the reader from one support area to the next?
What suggestions for revision do you have for your classmates?

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