Emotions Essay

How important are your emotions in your life? There are many factors involved in making decisions but the most important are the emotions. My whole life is full of decisions that I made using my emotions. Emotions are the best way to make decision because emotions give a different point of view of the reality, help to choose the right options, and they are the key to success. Firstly; emotions always give me a different point of view of the reality. When I was eleven years old, I had a friend that was always in trouble.
I decide to don’t talk to him anymore because he was a bad influence to me. But when I get home I feel bad for him. I decided to call him and invited him to my home. There I talked with him about his attitude. He told me that he acted like that because he did not have friends. For that reason he all the time was mad and sad. We spent the whole afternoon playing football. Then I realize the amazing person that the boy was. Since that day we have been friends and he made a lot of friends in school. That day my emotions let me see the right view of the reality.
Secondly, emotions help me to choose the right options. When I was a kid my parents put me in a English course after school. No one of my friends liked that course; all of them decide to change it for a funnier course. I talked to my parents about that but they did not let me change the course. All of my friends told me to change the course without telling my parents. In that moment I have that decision in my hands. I realize that my parents put me in that course because they love me and I could not betray them. I felt the need to pay that love with responsibility.

So, I decided to keep going to the English course. After many years, I can say that decision was one of the best decisions in my life. Thirdly, emotions are the key to success. I am senior in high school and I want to be a successful student at college. Looking for colleges is very stressful specially because some of them have really specific requirements. For me Rutgers was the university that I want to get accepted but their requirements were very high. I really want to get accepted but at the same time I was scary to get reject.
But my emotions give me the confidence to see that I have a lot of qualities that make me an excellent student to get accepted in that university. Therefore, my emotions give me enough bravely to success. Therefore, the most important factors to make decisions are the emotions. I always make decisions using my emotions. And all of those decisions give me a lot of good moments. Emotions give us a different point of view of the reality, help us to choose the right options, and they are the key to success. So, it is your chose how your emotions will influence your life and your future.

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Emotions Essay
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