EMBRY RIDDLE LGMT682 8.3 – Assignment: Questions for Discussion and Review

Chapter 3:Question 3 – What are the two key components of an income statement?Question 5 – What are the key components of the strategic profit model? How can it be used to examine the affect of logistics decisions?Question 9 – Do you agree or disagree that return on assets is a good way to examine operational efficiency? Why?Question 10 – How does logistics strategy connect to overall corporate strategy? Is it a one-way or two-way connection?Question 14 – Do you think corporate cultures are relevant for designing a logistics measurement system? Why or why not?Question 19 – Do you agree or disagree with the sentiment that logistics measurement systems need to include both financial and nonfinancial measures? Why?Chapter 4:Question 1 – Discuss several issues that influence the organization of logistics activities within a firm.Question 4 – Describe the hierarchical and matrix organizational design.Question 5 – From a logistics perspective, how is network organizational design manifested in terms of relevancy, responsiveness, and flexibility?Question 13 – Describe some potential logistics social responsibility dimensions.Question 17 – What are some ways in which the Transportation Security Administration is attempting to improve the security of the U.S. transportation system?Question 18 – In what ways is the legislation requiring 100 percent scanning of U.S.-bound containers likely to be disruptive to international trade?Question 20 – What are some types of complexity that are affecting logistics activities in a firm?

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