EMBRY RIDDLE LGMT682 5.3 – Assignment: Questions for Discussion and Review

Submit your responses to the questions below (taken from the textbook’s questions for discussion and review).Chapter 9:Question 1 – Explain how the location decision process involves several layers of screening or focus.Question 2 – How have cost considerations influenced facility location decisions?Question 3 – In what way is the location of customer markets a strategic consideration in facility location?Question 4 – Discuss the factors that influence the number of facilities that a firm chooses to operate.Question 5 – How does a raw material’s status as pure, weight-losing, or weight-gaining influence the facility location decision?Question 6 – Discuss how population can be viewed as both a market for goods and a source of labor.Question 8 – Discuss the advantages of locating manufacturing, assembly, or distribution facilities in countries with relatively low wages.Question 9 – What are right-to-work laws? How do they influence locational decisions?Question 10 – What are expatriate workers? What challenges do they face?

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