EMBRY RIDDLE LGMT682 4.3 – Assignment: Questions for Discussion and Review

Submit your responses to the questions below (taken from the textbook’s questions for discussion and review)..instructure.com/courses/19279/files/2155617/preview” alt=”Readings.jpg”>Chapter 12:Question 2 – Why is it important to know about the characteristics of a country’s transportation infrastructure?Question 3 – Discuss the speed of airfreight transportation in terms of the line-haul and accessorial service.Question 7 – What are advantages and disadvantages to a pipeline’s lack of vehicles?Question 9 – Discuss the drawbacks to rail transportation.Question 10 – How do weather conditions influence the reliability of inland water carriers?Question 18 – Define what is meant by economic regulation. Why is transportation economic deregulation important?Question 20 – Discuss advantages and disadvantages to private transportation.Chapter 13:Question 3 – Discuss how transportation managers could be involved with other operations of the firm.Question 6 – Discuss the four factors used in determining a product’s freight classification.Question 10 – Why is the carrier selection process less straightforward than the modal selection process?Question 15 – Discuss the basic issues, conflicts, and problems involved in concealed loss and damage claims.Question 19 – Distinguish between tracking and expediting. Why are motor carriers being used to a greater extent in expediting?Question 20 – What is a carrier performance scorecard? How might it be used by transportation managers?

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