Ed Foundations

 1st Assignment: CS1     Educational Philosophies
In approximately concise and complete 500 words response, utilize educational history or educational philosophy (not both) to address the prompt:

Explain why a philosophical or historical understanding and lens is indispensable for a teacher today.

*Remember, no 1st person usage.  This is not a personal reflection but a short essay based on class discussions, reading sources, and content learned thus far.

 2nd Assignment:  Investigate professional organizations
*2 pg minimum                  (APA style not required)
Professional Organizations for Teachers
“To belong or not to belong? That is the question.”
Numerous professions require individuals to engage in professional organization membership. It is not required in our field to become members of professional organizations. However, as an educator you might find it beneficial to glean from certain professional organizations. As a professional it is your duty to enhance your practice. For this assignment you will investigate professional organizations for teachers and identify three that would be related to your professional interest. (list is included) For each, give the following: 

History: When was it founded?
Purpose:  What is the organization committed to?
Publications: What are the publications this organization publishes?
Cost: Membership dues
What does membership in a professional organization do for teachers?
Do you think this organization would be worth becoming a member of?  Why or why not?

List of Organizations:  

New Mexico Association of Classroom Teachers
National Association of Special Education Teacher “NASET”
National Association for Bilingual Education “NABE”

 Make sure the organization is committed to “Teachers” not just a research outlet for assistant professors desperate for a publishing outlet!

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